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A Better Breast Pump Process 

We know you have many decisions to make with your pregnancy, so let us make getting your pump simple for you. Our process is no-gimmicks and straightforward to get you a great pump through your insurance.

Customer Care Our customer support team is knowledgable for our moms to talk with. Give us a call, and talk with out team who is ready to help. 

Variety of Styles Moms can choose the pump from Hygeia's multiple top-of-the-line options including cordless styles

Supportive Community Over 25,000 moms on Facebook to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.

Trusted by Moms For years, moms have been coming to us to get the best breast pumps through their insurances.

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Simple 3 Step Process 

Submit Your Request Simply fill out the request form so that we can check your breast pump coverage

We Take Care of the Insurance Hassle For You We work with your insurance for you to get your request approved quickly and without any headache for you, Mama!

Your Brand New Breast Pump Arrives! No shipping costs or hidden fees for you, Mama. We send your pump to you as quickly as possible once approved by your healthcare plan.

Reviews from Our Customers 

“I was hesitant that anything my insurance would cover wouldn’t be that great, but this whole experience has been great! This pump is by far better than my old Medela! I’m so happy with it! Great suction, easy to use, and lots of accessory options. Bonus: it works on a battery so you can go cordless! I love that you can order different sizes of flanges for the pump."

- Krystal, TX

“My wife and I just had our third child. She previously used Medela with the past two children and upgraded to the Hygeia for our third child. She raves about this pump and its power!”  

- Cullen, TX 

“I got this pump from my insurance and was pleasantly surprised. The pump is very high performing and I had no idea how convenient and wonderful the cordless feature is. It allowed me to pump anywhere, anytime and did not have to plug into a wall. It saved me more than few times. Also, they have wonderful customer service. I called in and had some questions they were really nice and easy to deal with. This is a great product that I wish more people knew about.”  

- Christy, CA

“I've been pumping now for 3 months with my Hygeia and love this pump. It's easy to use, very powerful and I'm able to express my milk in less than 10 minutes. I work and have to use the pump at my job every day. I wish more moms knew about this product, it's really, really good.”  

- Miranda, MI

“We have three children and I've used a few different pumps, including Medela and Spectra. This is my favorite pump by far. It's strong and faster than Medela and easier to use and more compact than the Spectra. This Hygeia pump was better than both and it had one feature that I absolutely love, the cordless feature. Now, I just pick up the pump and go. This is an excellent product and more people should know about it."  

- Sarah, MI

“First let me preface by saying this company has very high standards of customer care from what I can tell!! I received their brand pump through my insurance and before that I have never heard of the company and I did not expect much from the pump itself or them.”

- Diana, CA

 Act Now to Get Your Pump!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which pump is included in this program? We focus very hard on getting you a free pump through insurance. Depending on your insurance plan, you may qualify for one or many pumps. We feature the Hygeia hospital-grade pumps, but for some, insurances do offer alternatives.

How do I find out if my insurance covers my pump? Most insurance companies cover a free breast pump. Please click the button to see if you qualify and we will verify on your behalf.

How is my pump free? The Affordable Care Act (better known as ObamaCare) requires health insurance plans to support breastfeeding meaning almost every insurance company covers you getting a free breast pump.

Can I get another free breast pump if I previously received a free pump with my insurance? Many plans allow for another new free pump after a period of time. Just click the button to see if you qualify and we will verify on your behalf.

How will I know if I am approved for the free pump? You will receive a follow up email and/or phone call verifying your approval status.

Is Medicaid covered? This depends on a state by state basis. Please fill out the form here and we will verify if your plan covers the pump.

How can I talk to a person about this process? We would love to talk to you! Just give us a call at (855) 786-7296 and press option 3 and our customer care team can help you.

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Simply click the button below to see if you qualify for your free, hospital-grade performance breast pump. We will verify on your behalf.